Ian’s Spoke POV v3


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Filename Size (KB) Description
SpokePOV_628h_source_code.zip 14 The firmware and the two Qbasic programs
SpokePOV_628h_hex_files.zip 13 Precompiled firmware files with different images
QB11.zip 287 Qbasic - for running the two Qbasic programs
Spoke POV v3 schematic.pdf 144 Spoke POV v3 schematic diagram in PDF format
pov_pcb_v3.cdr 378 Spoke POV v3 PC board layout in CorelDRAW 9 format
pov_pcb_v3.pdf 402 Spoke POV v3 PC board layout in PDF format
16f628a.pdf 2787 PIC 16F628A data sheet
Mid-Range MCU Reference Manual.pdf 2724 General PIC reference manual
Mid-Range MCU Instruction Set.pdf 483 General PIC instruction set
AN556.pdf 80 Special notes on implementing a table read
STP16C596.pdf 556 16 bit constant current LED sink driver data sheet
DN6851.pdf 84 Hall effect sensor data sheet
Spoke_POV_v3.zip 5258 All of the files listed above